Wetsuit Protection for the adventurous

"The idea for the NeckTechrash reducer came to me when we had a month of unexpected swell last June. I was surfing on a daily basis and had really painful neck chaffing from my wetsuit. I wanted to find something to alleviate the chaffing so I wouldn't be in pain when I surfed. I searched the web and found nothing. That is when I decided to take on the problem myself, so I developed the NeckTechrash reducer." -Ryan Andrews, Managing Partner, Andrews Water Sports, LLC


Andrews Water Sports

The NeckTech rash reducer is designed to reduce or even eliminate the chafe that occurs around the neck from wetsuit use. While this chafe and the resulting painful rash is most commonly experienced by surfers, the NeckTech rash reducer can be worn by anyone who participates in aquatic activities and wears a wetsuit. The NeckTech rash reducer is designed to protect your neck. Because of this it is also perfect for old wetsuits where the Velcro does not fully attach or rubs against the neck.

Introducing NeckTech