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How to use the NeckTech rash reducer:

1. step one to putting on the NeckTech rash reducer
Make sure logo is facing forward. Put your head in the opening and pull over your head.

2. step two to putting on the NeckTech rash reducer
Pull NeckTech rash reducer over your face and down to your neck. It may be tight over your head and face, but should fit snugly around your neck once it is over your head.

3. step three to putting on the NeckTech rash reducer
Adjust the NeckTech rash reducer so approximately one inch sticks out of the neck of your wetsuit. Put your wetsuit on over NeckTech rash reducer.

The NeckTech rash reducer's patent pending design is designed to reduce or even eliminate the painful chaffing and resulting rash that occurs around the neck when wearing a wetsuit. The NeckTech rash reducer is not only for surfers. It can be used by anyone who participates in aquatic activities which require the use of a wetsuit and experiences neck chaffing and the resulting painful rash.

Only $20 - Get one!


Specs & Order


Small- 14" and smaller
Medium- 15" to 17"
Large- 17" and larger
Measure around the middle of your neck. Please note if you are close to two sizes it is best to pick the smaller size.

Not sure of your neck size?
Download our custom sizing chart to measure your neck.


We provide a Limited One Year Warranty: We warranty the workmanship free of charge for 1 year. Once worn we will repair the article under the following conditions: 1. Warranty claims are void if garment is found to be abused, improperly cared for, altered or repaired by someone other than Andrews Water Sports; 2. Defective garments should be returned to our address clean and dry with freight prepaid.





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